List of E-learning trainings dedicated to composites

General knowledge of composite materials

For level : initation

Discover in this training the essential knowledge to acquire the right safety reflexes in the field of composites. Be able to identify all the elements that make up a part made with these technologies. Discover all these transformation processes with a focus on RTM and Infusion technologies.

RTM & Infusion

For level : intermediate

Understand the different technologies used in industrial workshops thanks to the exercises to be carried out with the equipment of our boxes. Discover and understand the physical phenomena related to the transformation processes associated with RTM and Infusion technologies.

RTM & Infusion

For level : Advanced

Get the knowledge related to safety in the composites business. Deepen your knowledge of RTM & infusion technologies thanks to the exercises to be carried out with the equipment of our boxes. The Composites Expert software, functional memory, will allow you in this educational approach to make the right decision in your technological choices.

Upcoming modules in our training catalog

Our team is working on the development of future professional training modules.

  • Stamping processes
  • Autoclave prepreg processes
  • Robotic applications Thermoplastic / Thermosetting Tape

The cognitive DNA of our future modules will be preserved with a tactile approach.